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Smart & flexiable recommendation options.

Automatically show your customers products they are more likely to buy and increase both the average basket size and conversion rate. Recomify also allows you to manually select the related items that you would like to assign for each product in your Shopify store. Recomify's related product widget can be automatically integrated with all standard and custom Shopify themes with zero effort. No coding knowledge is required.

Related Products you can count on.

Integration in minutes without developer resources and no setup costs. Here are some features.


1-click seamless integration with your Shopify store.


Recommendations based on customer behavior.


Recommendations also relies on data analyses for the previous purchases.


True data statistics to track what is happening on your store.


Fully customizeable recommendation box design.

Mobile First

100% mobile-friendly, adapts its size to the screen size and supports touch actions.

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Happy Customers

Join hundreds of satisfied Shopify store owners using our recommendation engine happily.

Really fast and proactive Customer Service. Excellent app with a very customizable UX. A must for any Shopify store.

What an amazing team behind this plugin! I needed some help with the implementation and within a few hours they make the plugin work with my website and match with my design. Love it ! Thank you guys

Remco Kouwenhoven
Remco Kouwenhoven

The support team is really fast and responsive. It is very easy to use especially if you are not comfortable with coding and most important part is, Recomify really shows how your customers are interacting with related products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

What is Recomify?
Recomify is a 1-click install, cost effective smart product recommendation engine which is especially designed to increase your sales. You can quickly and easily add product recommendations to your store. Displaying product recommendations on your product pages can create more conversions and leads higher order value.
Recomify is designed with a mobile-first approach and works on all mobile and desktop devices. It is compatible with all modern operating systems and browsers.
Recomify's performance is tracked real-time and all statistic reports are instantly available to you in your Recomify dashboard. You can both track overal and per product performance.
All actions taken by a visitor is recorded but checkout rate is only calculated if a customer clicks on a product recommmended by Recomify's recommendation widget and purchases the product within the same session.
You can track the daily, weekly and monthly impact Recomify has on your sales with reports provided in the Recomify dashboard.
Yes, you can use your own CSS code and change how recommendation widget looks.
We also provide %100 free customization service.
Yes, Recomify is GDPR compliant app. For more information, please click here.
You can cancel your subscription anytime through your Shopify dashboard. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged for the upcoming month.
Yes, you can always request refund for the last months subscription fee.